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back in the middle ages when people commuted to work something sinister and something primary colored was brewing. satanic hair dye. true crime cosmopolitans were conjured through various doorways to hell. one of those is the entire city of present day los angeles where the germs and rodney collect coupons and groupies. 

a place where the bright lights are seriously luciferian and the dreams are the dreams of fallen angels. acid children party freely in the underpasses and cement iron courtyards of the sigil known as the la freeway. yellow gas flames first full length album uses brutal sampling, speedy ultra crumbling trash static and garbage people laden manic panic recycling. pages of the satanic bible are torn up and painstakingly reassembled daily in a bizarre commuter ritual. 

some surprise industrial cuts may cause a severe question of faith. yellow gas flames hold tightly to their middle fingers raised - do you? 

a bold expression of necropolis hair caressing teasing and starching.

digital download included.



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