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burning the rural district overcomes 8 tracks of heavy rhythmics, cold sequences and blue flame atmospheres related to experiencing a closed society.

this energy is tied and twisted through a widescreen vision manifested in stressful breaks/dnb cut ups, and the maddening dysmorphia of bent sequences and signature fuzzy bass guitar harkening back to nyc post-punk roots.

recorded over many years entirely in tbilisi, ‘burning the rural district’ is influenced by the emerging super strong techno scene thriving in georgia, despite that there is a lingering homophobia outside of the vast club culture.

this is a snapshot putting a different window on that time of displacement, newness and ultimately creation.

lived vicariously and personally, in the aftermath of physical street violence among ex-soviet state impromptu warehouses, to the sudden suicide of an acquaintance, in the shadow of the orthodox church, an unlikely but singular uplifting freedom emerged from this very closure.

‘he died in the town where he was born.’

black vinyl edition.

cover art by richard ramirez.

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