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liziuz returns … with a full length of active drones, broken concrete rhythms and introverted electronic acoustics.

9 cinematic lonely ecstasy-scapes. smoke gathering, the click of a door unlocking and the slow rise of a tobacco cloud swirl up to the fan blades - but there is beauty in these tributaries, snowed upon, water logged washing away signs of life - cigarette butts, a ticket stub, an overcoat...

unfolding motion and movement inside filtered power drones never content to linger too long in one corner of old berlin’s dusty flats, stairwells and balconies. suddenly hanging above the cold steam a razor guitar cuts through - solitary, metallic and twisting between delighted timbre and broken joy. a trip one might have heard from the velvet underground if they were given only incremental electricity. this is patient, restrained musical architecture that rewards those without the key.

truly give this a listen, one of the most unusual, immersive and beautiful recordings of this time based on the daring, widescreen and original mixing pushing unconscious dark psychedelic narratives into massive spaces.

cassette in poly bag.

digital download included.


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