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Âmes Sanglantes means ‘bloody souls’. Nowhere else in Âmes Sanglantes' sprawling and massive wild/punk/junk discography has this idea been more focused than on the epic and original 'Chindia Tower Impalements,' as well as on cult tapes like ‘Anti-Anti,’ ‘Mega Star Barbies,’ ‘Violation,’ and the immense and impossible 12-hour-long ‘Crackdown’ cassette box from Hospital Productions last year.

Originally released as a triple cassette of only 66 copies, this newly remastered version is the definitive document revealing the cruelty of the Wallachian landscape myths and realities.

Caustic, brittle, and eerie, the 6 long-duration tracks secure Âmes Sanglantes as one of the most original and overlooked extreme electronic monikers of the 90s North American cassette underground.  

Distorted but textural where the voices of young androgynous screams mingle together with chirping birds and wolf breath. It’s the subtle layering and tape splicing structure beneath the crust that elevates this above the average ‘noise’ recording. This is rotting electro-acoustic studies where one can see a portrait float to the surface in the rippling and muddy puddles.

Shockingly, after nearly 100+ cassette-only release since 1996, this comes forward as the first Âmes Sanglantes compact disc. A true student of the 90s, you’ll find a stunning presentation that is equal parts in reference to Cold Meat Industry as well as Japan’s Alchemy Records.

It comes housed in an 8-panel foil block digipak.

So open up the old CD changer, light a few candles, and a pour the red wine for an epic that revives the imagination of times lost and losses yet to come.



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