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now that the international misanthropy series officially comes to a close for the 25 years anniversary of hospital productions - for the bonus 26th cassette is a tribute to the alcatraz escape heroes of 1962. they were never found. if you don’t believe they made it you can go jump in a lake or perhaps the san francisco bay. heroes - each and every one of them. and they did it with ‘fine art’ true CULTURAL TERRORlSM. ministry of information series originally consisted of non-music dialog audio documentary. this installment consists of voice cut ups with backing sound track of former guards, and inmates of the rock - the prison within the prison system aka the ministry of misanthropy. no interview but includes an insert detailing the ‘holy trinity’ of anglin/morris/anglin. digital download code may or may not be included. again, they were never found! carpe diem 1962!

international misanthropy:
a new cassette series from hospital productions
in custom clamshell cases
with interview inserts in each one.
Edition of 97.

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