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in the 90’s cassette-only culture explosion, one personality emerged repeatedly as a head above the rest closely followed by fanatics drawn to the warm sonic violence from bob marinelli, one of the few artists that managed to keep some kind of secrecy around him even if using his own name.

marinelli built up a reputation through a cascade of collaborations and splits across the spectrum with artists like flutter, david gilden and proof of the shooting to name just a few, eventually aligning with japan’s breakaway isolationist,  outermost and a revered split on xerxes with government alpha. his networking skills culminated in the unmissable ‘freedom comp. 98’ compilation which stands as a fragile time capsule of the special packaging era as well as the diversity of sound and thoughts in the worldwide d.i.y. underground.

in 1999 the letter writing and word of mouth excitement converged from two sources at once that bob marinelli would release his first cd, on the newly minted and soon to be canonical groundfault recordings. that one of our own cassette devotees would be honored with a pro-cd was a rarity back then, and endorsed by noise professional erik hoffman of pinch-a-loaf.


after years of dead ends and mongoose chases we are proud to reveal the original DAT master of what would have been that lost groundfault album ‘blood and bones’. even the most devoted marinelli hawks will be surprised at the dynamic textures presented in an otherwise continuous and seamless litany of field recording, atonal electrodes, closing-hour-at-the-butcher-shop cleaves and an unexpectedly melancholic climax. marinelli's work speaks for itself after nearly 20 years and makes you feel as though 1999 is still here to come.


digi pack cd. digital download code included.


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