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a sinister blend of past, present and future old tower atmospheres, instrumentation and some seductively destructive surprises secure a place in the canon of dark music.

the travels of the dragon's disciples have taken them to vast forests of mystery and sombre castles hidden away between the stars and celestial mysteries. There was much to unravel that which was learned during these excursions into the dark and the first of veils has been lifted, giving an entrance into the complex mind of the horned serpent.

"it rears its scaly head around a black granite column, its eyes penetrating the dust that coats the remnants of a forgotten dungeon. Its scales are adorned with ancient writings and strange symbolism, carefully inscripted by the architects that built the connection between firmament and souls. Its spirit is one of knowledge and arrogance, letting its dreams woefully tear into the fabrics of reality..."

deluxe tip on gatefold CD with spot gloss and metallic print digital download code included.

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