Shipping Updates And USPS Delays

*Important Shipping Updates and Delays*


Thanks to all of you that have supported these releases in the pre order phase, unfortunately there are some current delays out of our hands.  We realize its been a frustrating wait, but we wanted to inform you of the following.  If the situation changes, we will be in touch.  Again, we apologize for the delay and thanks for your patience!


*IMPORTANT NOTE*: If the status of your package is that a label has been created, that your package is being sorted at a USPS facility etc., this does not mean that your package has not been shipped.  Packages from even months ago are still showing this status because the USPS is not scanning and updating tracking on packages due to a backlog from COVID-19 and the holidays.  Rest assured, despite the status, if your package has no existing pre order, it has been shipped, regardless of whether or not the USPS has updated the tracking information.  We fully understand how distressing this pattern has been, but there is little that any of us can do but wait.  We are taking steps to start offering priority mail shipping options, while more costly has been much quicker and more reliable in the updating of tracking and delivery times.


1. Kelly Moran/Prurient LPs are delayed by the pressing plant and are expected end of January/early February.


2. Merch pre orders (including Doom Electronics, Vatican Shadow and sweatpants) are delayed due to a shortage in blanks, these are expected mid-late January.


We will work as fast as possible to process these orders once they arrive in the warehouse. Thanks for your understanding.