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from the open minds of lussuria, initiation services and murder machine.

van gogh torments tells the story of a face painted coal miner preacher rejected by children. 

a conduit to the current turned hungry paint-eater, he was abandoned by the few friends. 

unappreciated in his time and exploited after grave occupation.

a stillborn brother arrived 1 year to the date prior by the same name. van gogh passed by the funeral slab bearing the namesake of his previous incarnation each time he entered church - his father a preacher of course.

broken into eight sections, 'stillborn' tracks the constellation of diverse dwellings, where the automutilator charted such as the dander boarding house bunks, a small room in an estate and a damp insane asylum cell (society’s eventual default for most artists) with a final passing place of a plaster angled bedroom with chair, journal, ink pen and patterned star bed.

the works are still molded onto city buses 100 years on for the puritanical automatons of today formerly known as artists.

fine art heavy electronics.

4xcs packaged in paste on paper box edition of 100.

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