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following the now infamous rogue state university print manifesto available exclusively through the cash-only application process to the dreaded “p.o. box 213”, this set acquisitions a series of expelled crazed anti-instrument noises from dean frost collecting snail mail only cassettes with one bonus tape. granular textures and cut-ups of physical noise created from an elephant shaped watering can, live birth in the ER, the jaws of life and more !

like a bad senior year hangover coming back from the 80s, 
the bell has rung and orientation is here for freshman at rsu.
it’s contra meets spring break for newbies and punters thinking deep through purple haze and asbestos on what to major in…

school is back in session but the bridges and tolls to state 213 are congested by the statue of liberty’s nyquil blue decapitated head!

regular edition of 103 packaged in a classic hand pasted box set.
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