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originally released as a bonus cassette to prurient’s ‘rainbow mirror’, ‘unknowns’
appears here on vinyl as two side-long collaborative tracks from dominick fernow joined by longtime producer kris lapke from alberich with patrick o’neal of skin crime notoriety.  hanged mans orgasm was the earliest project from o’neal starting in the late 80s and early 90s that could be a rural american counterpart to england’s nurse with wound middle period.  consisting of unrecognizable, discomforting electric acoustic noises mixed with radiation noise, prurient fills the void with sub bass electronics and a caustic reading of the ‘rainbow mirror’ short story written in collaboration with scott bryan wilson.  a vocal counterpart to the otherwise instrumental ‘rainbow mirror’ album. the b side is a reworking of field recordings and woodland screams recording in rhode island and reworked in nyc around the time o’neal and fernow first met. Housed in a deluxe sleeve with manual artwork by visual artist adam marnie, whose works have been featured previously on prurient’s epic ‘frozen niagara falls’.  white splatter vinyl edition of 200.
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