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lussuria 'scarlet locust of these columns' cd.

the scarlet plague, the temple quarantined, the foundation upholding the pestilence, the betrayal, the market without vendor, the shrine without idol.

originally released on limited 4xcs, this proper cd version has been mixed and remastered in proper form while still holding dear the decay of the original cassettes. like the difference of opening a dusty cabinet in the kitchen of your grandparents to find a shelf full of expired foods. now, this version is like opening the door to the cellar and being overwhelmed with thick dusty air, the planes of lights pouring through the cracks and draping you like temple veils at night.

morbid esoteric ancient ambient brought to life on the ancient cd format, a relic from times now past and times of erotic glory.

packaged in handsome a5 digi pack to preserve the column feel of the original cult vinyl box sea salt casing.

mastered by paul corley.

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