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test pressing edition with extra inserts in box created by the artist.

each copy had a different cover image.  original edition of 25.

more than simply a band or solo project, death squad combined a highly complex assemblage of writings and visuals with performances full of psychological and physical confrontations never before seen and never since replicated on american shores. death squad differentiated themselves by bringing their multimedia existentialism to the flesh across several infamous tours, which are partially memorialized on blood flecked flyers and pamphlets, a staple of death squad live. originally released in 1998, theological genocide culminated in the ‘self annihilation’ tour across north america, which is when we came in contact with the artist. death squad's level of dedication was rarely matched at the time, and their fearless events and sheer level of touring led to years of discussion and debate.

*proceeds of this go to artists travel for label showcases*

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