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bundle includes all 3x new releases.  

rainforest spiritual enslavement 'panama canal left-hand path' + 'simulated thunderstorm' mix 3xcs in slipcase

'panama canal left-hand path' EP is split over 4 tracks and 2 cassettes.  the most caustic and disturbing sessions since the cryptic early analog recordings of 'folklore venom' and 'the plant with many faces' mixed with the sustained tension of 'green graves'. listeners will find a major directional inspiration from basic channel style sequences emphasizing bass rhythms over kicks in this rotted electro-acoustic concrete dub environment. more 70’s than 80’s in its crude sense of narrative - the bloodshed and blind economics of the canal are dark reminders of its consequences and absurdity, then and now. also included is ‘simulated thunderstorm’ a physical c90 continuous mix of previously released RSE cuts from the history of the project. originally released in extended digital format as part of the hospital productions CDMX earthquake benefit, this version is assembled by phillipe hallais and edited by paul corley.

edition of 500. expertly mastered by paul corley. 

lussuria 'scarlet locust of these columns' cd.

the scarlet plague, the temple quarantined, the foundation upholding the pestilence, the betrayal, the market without vendor, the shrine without idol.

originally released on limited 4xcs, this proper cd version has been mixed and remastered in proper form while still holding dear the decay of the original cassettes. like the difference of opening a dusty cabinet in the kitchen of your grandparents to find a shelf full of expired foods. now, this version is like opening the door to the cellar and being overwhelmed with thick dusty air, the planes of lights pouring through the cracks and draping you like temple veils at night.

morbid esoteric ancient ambient brought to life on the ancient cd format, a relic from times now past and times of erotic glory.

packaged in handsome a5 digi pack to preserve the column feel of the original cult vinyl box sea salt casing.

mastered by paul corley.

after his critically acclaimed roto-dub12” ‘riddims du lieu-dit’, low jack produces a highly articulate hybrid mix cd edited from an editions gravats showcase, showing his strange meeting of industrial cut-up dancehall and organic artificial intelligence.

originally produced digitally for the hospital productions cdmx earthquake benefit showcase in mexico city last year, this is the first physical document of this alien mix, presented lavishly in the true ’90s format on fan mcd in slimline jewel case and limited to 500 copies. as always, phillipe hallais' sophisticated and cryptic art deals with the sociopolitical contradictions and passions of the region of brittany, which is ripe for dissection near and far. a portion of the proceeds go to ayok volunteer civil society organization in mexico for earthquake reconstruction.


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