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we are proud to announce the new SIGILLUM S album. few collectives have seamlessly travelled the complete spectrum of electronic music subculture. From occult industrial, ritual ambient, abstract electronica, this new offering travels a step further into a surreal broken downtempo.

edition of 150 regular edition of 111, special edition of 39, with a digital version available through the SIGILLUM S Bandcamp site. artwork by Petulia Mattioli. includes digital download code.

In the band's own words:

Thirty-five years since formation, SIGILLUM S are further developing their fascination for huge scale temporal events, dealing with extreme sensorial mutation as key for epochal changes in culture fabric: with a current line-up where the original founders, Eraldo Bernocchi and Paolo L. Bandera, are now permanently augmented by Bruno Dorella, they have created a telluric amalgam of endless electronic layers, spiked with absurdist melodies and punishing wavelengths…. this is framed by a strongly irregular, but still heavily hypnotic, rhythm structure, leaving space for sudden eruptions of sidereal noise and secretive word incantations.      

In a way, many references from the SIGILLUM S past (from occultist atmospheres and dystopian sci-fi soundtracks to super deep bass foundations and disturbing exoticism …) seem to lurk in the shadows to contribute to a fully contemporary work, rich in profound sensations and conceptual assault… a true post-industrial mirror of this unsettling period and an inebriating platform for societies to come.  

“… we propose to study a generalized growth model, including all categories of unconventional literatures and yet coalesce them around critiques of linear thought… hence our estimates would be some of the endless positive examples for further conjectures on the end of time…. this could drive the need to communicate perception samples to all other forms of intelligence… evocative prescriptions which could offer potentially misleading guidance for future research, but nonetheless alter sensorial mixing times with random cycles and fragmentation chains…”

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