SOLLILJA - in looking, disappears - CS


dark contemplative shimmering post-techno and heavy sunspaces from joe potts (vegas martyrs, drums of myrrh). long form hardware tracks falling between ambience and fast paced freeway propulsion. album length and his first under this moniker!

edition of 100.

FLUTTER - there was a light (1995-1999) – CS


a true cult band from the early days of american noise. while there were predecessors to the stage flutter was the first mostly computer generated noise to emerge from the harsh noise subculture dominated by pedals in the 90's tape scene. zany and unapologetically 'in joke/tongue in cheek', flutter blended seemingly wholesome middle american undertakings with a soundtrack of suburban violence and placed all of this in a psychedelic digital hell. this tape is a collection of most of their known appearances, including tracks from legendary comps on labels like freak animal and elsie and jack, and coveted splits with ames sanglantes and bob marinelli. flutter have remained a project for those in-the-know and are revered by many of today's american noise institutions. we are proud to re-offer this insane and twisted collection of noise-americana. long ass tape!

edition of 100.

CHRISTICIDE - upheaval of the soul – CS


tape version of the criminally underrated black death monster from france. just take the violence of early deicide and the tom-heavy drumming of de mysteriis dom sathanas set to a contemporary but timeless sense of french satanist expression and you have what is destined to be an underground grail. true french black death metal! co- release with of crawling shadows records.

edition of 100.



the best yet from catalonian underground industrial techno proponent. veering closer to misty ocean house but make no mistake. the breeze is cut in half by some old statues and monuments placed in conspicuous and sinister locations breaking up the beachheads. over 30 min of sick abstract electronic rhythms.

edition of 100.

DUST BELT - development of early tools – CS


brushes fray over a dead carcass encrusted in sand. is it still possible to learn something about man? dust belts creaking and biodegradable noise leaves space for microscopes, nets, and dental tools to discover the rest. c60.

edition of 100.

LAUREATE - deceptive manipulation – CS


laureate develops into a truly menacing and crushing purveyor of long form industrial ambience. breaking away from the cacophonous and forbidding rhythmic realms he inhabited on his last two tapes, this one stretches into territory that is jagged with sudden drops. it doesn't settle for a predictable overuse of reverb, or other such safety nets, and remains dynamic and disturbing. long playing tape of scientific ambient!

edition of 100.

SHALLOW SANCTION - without light - CS


two song single of gothic fuzzy uk death rock/punk. their best, most anthemic and chorus drenched hatred set on rainy london streets. features jesse cannon from natural assembly. short program repeats on both sides.

edition of 100.

JOACHIM NORDWALL - psychic reality – CS


a humble master returns with analog heavy modulations, this time offset by an expansive and dubby industrial windfall. stormy slow but better for an empty low lit tavern than with a good book at home.

edition of 100.

VARIOUS AURAS - a bird’s-eye view into a machiavellian world of secrecy - 4xCS


a paralax view between the layers in the castle walls of negative-space circa 1469.

one tape each artist spread over more than two and half hours...

alessandro cortini
kevin drumm

NINOS DU BRASIL - para araras - 12" VINYL


Two new extended Ninos Du Brasil productions since the insane and now cult collectible Novos Mistérios album.

Para Araras finds Ninos expanding the depth and space of the previous boxing-punch production into a cavernous-carnival mix of chaos and celebration

CLAY RENDERING - snowthorn - LP/CD

Snowthorn is the long awaited debut album from Mike and Tara Connelly, recording together as Clay Rendering.

Clay Rendering came to life in 2013 and have since released a trio of singles for Hospital Productions that have gained them the admiration of followers spanning both electronic and metal communities through relentless quad-seasonal touring.

Their material occupies unique terrain, recalling The Cure’s widescreen Disintegration-era instrumentals, cut through with a Folk/Dark Metal palette and an appreciation of electronic music that imbues their production with an end-of-world quality that’s impossible to pin down. One moment, you find yourself in a smoke-filled, strobe-lit Road House the next; bleary-eyed, head spinning, coming down. A flame lit close to autumn come winter.

Clay Rendering will perform a special one off european show as part of Transmissions Festival VIII on November 27th, 2015 in Ravenna, Italy curated by Nico Vascellari.

RON MORELLI - a gathering together - LP/CD


A Gathering Together is Ron Morelli’s second full-length for Hospital Productions: a 'techno' cacophony brought to its granular detail and reduced to its most elemental tonal depths. A cohesive fusion of surreal and feverish deja vu loops, brittle noise, fucked rhythms, scrap metal percussions, pro-one metal synths, and an injection of near-buried, Drano vocal samples, it’s a fearsome celebration of brokenness, of amplified surroundings.

Stereo-shifting drones and driving rhythms the tell the stories of those now gone, more a soundtrack for a wake than 4/4 crafted for the dancefloor. There’s a naked anxiety at work that doesn't turn away from loss, but runs with an excited melancholy that looks to a future that won’t exist. The boldness of the gestures are not to be confused with exuberance.

With this effort Morelli has shown remarkable restraint and patience most notably highlighted on title track 'A Gathering Together.' An intense cut born from rapid-paced dead-end urban environments that force people together. It's a calling to do more, include more, and celebrate the many forms within those inconspicuous places.

Upon numerous listens, it's clear the sound design is a reflection of heavy compositional themes that suggest a greater whole. This is hard, dirty techno--humid, reduced, bare bones, yet dense and dissolved to its electronic soil.

Heavy without being oppressive, it is the culmination of many elements pulled from all spheres of modern electronics, eaten, digested, and spit back out. Produced at the end of 2014, with final mixdown and additional production in spring 2015 by Krikor Kouchian and Ron Morelli in Paris, Hospital Productions is proud to offer A Gathering Together.



cold authentic analog electronics covered in the dust of concrete and mist of ocean breeze from catalonia.

originally released as two volume cassette release now on vinyl for the first time.



Though known as a touring and recording musician associated with Nine Inch Nails, Alessandro Cortini has really come into his own via his Forse trilogy, and his 2014 Hospital Productions debut, Sonno. For his Hospital follow-up, he maintains the grittiness and intimacy introduced on his debut, but expands upon it, offering a wider spectrum of emotion and depth.

Like Sonno, Risveglio was written and recorded while on tour. The drive to create intimate works during late-night downtime reveal Cortini to be committed to personal vision beyond the call of duty. While Sonno was created using only a Roland 202 and delay, Risveglio adds a Roland TB303, synced to the 202. In his own words, "The 303 can be such a haunting instrument used in a certain way, and I felt it completely fit the mood of the previous work I have done on the 202, especially when given a specific location in space....it’s such a living instrument." The addition of Roland TR606 gives one of the pieces a rhythmic pulse that separates it from the preceding synthscapes and renders Risveglio altogether a more dynamic affair than Sonno.

With Risveglio, Cortini implores and emphasizes the imperfections and visceral textures of electronics vacant from so much contemporary solo synthesizer music. Furthermore Cortini carves out a similar space to what Kevin Drumm's Hospital releases have done for the worlds of Drone and Noise by finding the emotional and ultimately human voice within synthesis.



Function and Vatican Shadow have combined forces on 'Games Have Rules' for Hospital Productions, simultaneously stripping back each producer's more prevalent production elements - the dancefloor-focused techno structures of Function; the experimental cassette-roots of Vatican Shadow - to create an album of dynamic electronic ambient music, equal parts rhythmic and atmospheric.

As befitting what began life as an 'emotional acid' album best suited for an after-hours home listening experience, Games Have Rules was created in the early hours at New York's Hospital Productions and Berlin's Inanimate Objects studios, helping imbue the record with a sense of night turning into day, and the shifting contrasts of dark and light the music evokes.

Although not created as the result of improvisation the album retains an effortless, free-flowing structure, while simultaneously introducing the traditional techno drum kit over the course of the record, deconstructing the ever-changing, looming presence of New York City's skyline.

Ambient in the most traditional sense, Games Have Rules omits the top-heavy reverb saturation of so many modern releases and builds from the ground up with an arsenal hi-fi and lo-fi production techniques/equipment with a cinematic sequence over the arc of the record.

But whereas New York City has so often been depicted in film as a prison, Games Have Rules is an embracement of the city's endless possibilities: the LP's gatefold black and white image of The Empire State Building lit up at night from the inside; the ongoing stories of rise and decline lived out at it's base.

LUSSURIA - industriale illuminato - CD/LP/DIGITAL


One of the most intriguing artists on the Hospital Productions roster, Lussuria came to prominence with the release of three tapes as part of the ‘American Babylon’ series in 2012 which were eventually compiled into a double vinyl edition last year. His opiated atmospheres brought together the ritualistic appeal of late ‘70s and early ‘80s Italian industrial music crossed with the claustrophobia of early material from The Cure and the decadent, voyeuristic compulsion of Pasolini flicks so enamoured by Coil.

Having been in the works through late 2013 and in post-production for several months since, ‘Industriale Illuminato’ is in some respects the first release by Lussuria conceived as a standalone album, and is perhaps his most unique, unsettling body of work to date. Inspired by Deconstructionism and an overriding sense of anxiety, the album revolves around the dislocated narrative of album opener ‘Boneblack’, a dense and evocative fade into shadowy realms inspired by composer Giacinto Scelsi and the enigmatic mind-tricks of Alain Resnais’ ‘Last Year at Marienbad’.

‘Petra Marina’ sees Lussuria use real drum sounds alongside electronic ones for the first time, layered through with odd, foreboding drones constructed out of handmade Japanese music boxes, feedback manipulation and mangled tape loops which together sound like an industrial, shadowy counterpart to the hazy nostalgia of Boards of Canada.

‘Venus In Retrograde’ was inspired by and evokes the paranoid narrative of Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘The Conversation’, making use of snatches of barely tangible dialogue to form an unnerving backdrop, before ‘Breath Of Cinder’ brings the first half of the album to a close with field recordings made in deepest provincial France overlaid with a detached narrative evoking that cold, abandoned landscape.

The second half of the album takes us further into this airless environment, the intriguing widescreen ambience of ‘Eyes Of The World’ offset by the percussive rattling and decimated 3 pinch harmonics of ‘Angelshare’, while ‘Wind Carries Soot’ recalls the aggression of Mika Vainio sedated and tamed into an altogether more narcotic kind of beast, before ‘Art Of Veins’ closes the album with a mangled and inverted message - like some kind of Satanic directive embedded for posterity.



Alessandro Cortini is best known as the lead electronics performer in Nine Inch Nails’ live unit.

His recordings under his own name have gained prominence in recent years and he has become known as one of the pre-eminent Buchla masters in North America. Cortini makes a surprising departure into the 202 on his debut album for Hospital Productions - ‘Sonno’.

‘Sonno’ was recorded in hotel rooms, using a Roland MC 202 through a delay pedal, recorded direct, sometimes into a small portable speaker system.

“I liked to walk around the room with a handheld recorder to hear where the sequence would sound better, turn on faucets, open doors or windows to see how the ambient sounds would interact with the MC 202/delay/speaker sound. It was very relaxing and liberating to make music this way...”

The result is a beautifully restrained yet oddly emotive album that’s quite distinct from the overly academic approach so often undertaken by hardware driven devotees.

coming on 2xlp gatefold / cd / digital

NINOS DU BRASIL - novos mistérios - CD/LP


Ninos Du Brasil is the Italian battery of Nicolò Fortuni and Nico Vascellari. ‘Novos Mistérios’ follows their debut LP for La Tempesta International/Tannen Records with an acutely stripped down blend of mostly “live” recorded percussion and explorative electronic sound design.

The project, and album, is a radical inversion and consolidation of the duo’s respective backgrounds in performance art, punk bands Inspired by the febrile humidity and sensory overload of Brasilian carnival music, they temper layeres of roiling, propulsive percussion with electronic drones, effects and tribalist vocals to militant, hypnotic effect. Six tracks charge between technoid polymetrics, kinky minimalism and meditative ritual with particular focus on rhythmelodic cadence and carefully constructed atmospheres of festive evil.

RON MORELLI - periscope blues - 12"


Comprised of eight tracks in 30 min, Periscope Blues is the culmination of a mission gone wrong. Music for the stranded, the lost, those backed into a corner with nowhere to go, or maybe a reflection of sad individuals panicking on a tropical vacation gone awry.

Somber yet very tense drifting off radar machine electronics that feel like a blistering sun beating down on decaying beach remains as time crawls on. That or the equivalent to working the grill summers at Jones Beach and stealing from the register just to get a little more...

CLAY RENDERING - waters above the firmament - 12"


This second EP from Mike and Tara Connelly’s Clay Rendering follows on from their heavy debut ‘Nature’s Confusion’ and further develops their compositions through four pieces that draw you in with a slow, swinging weight.

References are hard to draw but the tracks here recall everything industrial, metal, ambient, and 90's rock. additional production assistance from Dominick Fernow and additional synth from Robert Beatty. ‘Waters Above The Firmament’ and “Myrrh Is Rising” were written in the dead of winter...”The Pest” and “Temple Walking” in the heat of summer.

PRURIENT - cocaine death - 12"


first time on vinyl and remastered by matt colton with minimal black and white cover with foil block print. violent and desperate electronic noise in the tradition of anna nicole. sm electronics.

EXOTERIC CONTINENT - primera norma - CS


industrial analog rhythms hailing from barcelona. like a hog dropped upon chrome hooks slowly carried by aluminum pulley through the double insulated doors of the slaughterhouse freezer and kept there for a while suspended in ice. digital version coming soon.

VIRILE GAMES - wounded laurel - EP


vinyl edition of the 2xcs released on hospital earlier this year. a new project from old names in the roster related to k.p., dust belt, etc. alchemical mix of electronic bass ambience, natural collages, and textural bellows pushing forth a dark cloud out of carbonized smoke stacks. or possibly a slow and meandering trek down the side of jagged mountain rocks, coming along ghost towns and abandoned forts until reaching the well spring of the abyss at the bottom floor. either in the industrial maze or along the starved ribs of nature wounded laurel lives in two worlds.

RON MORELLI - backpages - EP


The L.I.E.S. kingpin returns with a 30 Minute warehouse-bound EP followup to his ‘Spit’ Album

3 new tracks plus an extended 9 minute version of ‘Crack Microbes’

Mastered and Cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy


Ron Morelli returns to stare down the ‘floor with four pieces written during the stress-busting sessions for ‘Spit’.

The muggy, droning welt of ‘Public Consumption’ kicks off with the sound of New York techno shot from the hip, while ‘Another Hit’ vents a vintage era-Regis style built on skull-chipping snares and effluent acid modulation.

The album’s writhing batacuda banger, ‘Crack Microbes’ reappears here as an extra-ferric extended Version, sustaining the hypnotic intensity for nine minutes of panic attack acid and febrile cowbells, while ‘’Rushing Again’ escorts us to a close with triplet techno shook down by railgun snares and a grotty synthline.

VATICAN SHADOW - when you are crawling - EP


we present to you the conclusion of what began in kuwait and ended in abbottabad in this extended ep to the recent vatican shadow album. when you are crawling includes an alternate version of remember you black day, and two exclusive tracks which have been a staple of the vatican shadow live set thus far, as well as not the son of desert storm. roughly 30 min of material on both vinyl and cd formats. recommended for daytime driving.

please note you can order single copies direct from both sources if you are in north america or europe.



Debut album from Ron Morelli, founder of the influential L.I.E.S. label

‘Spit’ is the first in a trio of related releases from Morelli due on Hospital Productions in the coming months

The album features 8 electronic variants; from House and industrial tape experiments to saturated metallic beat tracks...

Mastered and Cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy

“I’m a regular guy, enjoy a good steak, drinking beer, and occasionally a game of pro basketball, Republican talk radio... you know...all the good stuff.....”

“The music on this record is about immediacy, pressure, monotony and stress. A great deal of the feelings conveyed within come from the fear and repulsion of basic human interaction....like if someone sitting behind you on the plane sneezes on you or being forced to shake the clamy hand of a stranger and the intimate paranoias of the mind and dealing with it or not. Not to make some deep intellectual fuck show of this, as it is not...it’s just stress music...jammed out quick and recorded.”

“Last year, I was staying in an area where all the hookers did their work...all they would do is smoke cigarettes, read the paper, talk on their cell phones, and spit. They would spit...A LOT. I would step in that hooker spit on the way home, often tracking it into the apartment building as I entered. This is where the title of the record comes from.”

VATICAN SHADOW - remember your black day - LP/CD


'militant religious industrial'

1. Circumstances Quickly Became Questioned
2. Tonight Saddam Walks Amidst Ruins
3. Muscle Hijacker Tribal Affiliation
4. Contractor Corpses Hung Over The Euphrates River
5. Enter Paradise
6. Remember Your Black Day
7. Not the Son Of Desert Storm, But The Child Of Chechnya
8. Jet Fumes Above The Reflecting Pool



now compiled onto one lp. the mantis leaps out of the mist along a the rocks up to the eyes of the mountain spirit. ghostly collages mix with sub bass rhythms. yellow herb ambient.

RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT - the plant with many faces - LP


now compiled onto one lp. insects crawl out of the fog along a branch down to the throat of the witch. 4 slow rolling morbid rhythms. yellow herb ambient.

KEVIN DRUMM - imperial distortion - 3xLP (remastered editon)


modern classic of malignant ambient drones. one of the bench marks of drumm's vast discography presented in a freshly remastered vinyl cut while maintaining the original jacket layout. available now in usa from forced exposure and boomkat in europe.

ALBERICH - machine gun nest: cassette works vol. 0 - LP


second vinyl offering from alberich collects several out of print cassette only releases and compilation tracks. a great introduction to the heavy electronics only made by alberich. machine rhythms, synthetic voices, and operatic aria's crumble together in the ruins. available now in usa from forced exposure and boomkat in europe.